Witch Doctor build: Henry Ho, Senior Software Engineer

I love the Zombie Bears, both for the awesome factor and the crazy amounts of AoE damage it does. The Vision Quest passive, of course, is what makes this build viable. The four perpetual cooldown skills I chose are Soul Harvest, Hex, Fetish Army, and Zombie Dogs. Soul Harvest gives me bonus Intellect (damage) so that my gear can be slightly more defense-based, rather than DPS-based. Hex is great for taking an elite out of the action for short amounts of time. Although Fetish Army and Zombie Dogs are weak in damage and survivability, they prove useful distractions for the enemy mobs, enabling my Zombie Bears to rush all over them.

Both Soul Harvest and Hex are runed to heal me, as the WD is generally pretty weak on defense. Fetish Army is runed for shorter cooldown, because the original 120 sec cooldown is unnecessarily long (especially compared to my other skills’ cooldowns). And Zombie Dogs have Final Gift, a small chance to spawn a health globe when they die. This works because I expect them to spawn and die very often. With my gear totaling +15000 Life per health globe, every globe is essentially a full heal.






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